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©2017 by Mark Nutkins Cinematographer.

Feature                                                                                                                          Shot on Red Epic, lensed with Cooke S4's


Clumsy Raif Moyle returns to Cheshire for the wedding of his elder brother Tim to Saskia, their old school-friend, who was something of a wild child in the past. To the mild consternation of Saskia's socially-conscious mother Alex Raif proposes that, in addition to his duties as best man, he will make a video of events leading up to, and including, the wedding. This means he spends a lot of time with Saskia and begins to realize that, beneath the surface, the happy event may turn out to be less than happy for all concerned. Fortunately a wedding does eventually take place with surprises all round, the biggest one coming from Alex.

Production Companies:       Squirrel Films       Timeless Films

Main Cast

Lucy Punch                        Saskia

Harriet Walter                    Alex

Matt Berry                          Roger

Robert Webb                     Tim

Rufus Hound                      Raif

Nigel Cole                          Director  

Tim Firth                             Writer

Nigel Green                       Executive producer

Ralph Kamp                       Executive producer

James Gay-Ree                 Producer

Marshall Leviten                Line producer

Sharing Cinematography credit 

Ben Cole

Simon Tindall