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Lab Rat

Short Film 


Dir. Nour Wazzi

Panacea Productions, RSSD and ChorMedia Film


Best Cinematography First Contact 2020

Best Cinematography International Roswell Sci-fi 2020

Best Film International Roswell Sci-fi 2020

Best Director International Roswell Sci-fi 2020

Best Production Design SHORT to the Point 2019

Audience Choice at Bull City 2019

Official Selection

Rolling Ideas (finalist)

Performance Film awards

Lift-Off 2019

Sofia International 2019


Vancouver International Women in Film 2019


Tally Shorts 2019


Oxford International 2019

SCI-FI London 2019

Sc-Fi 2019

The Icon Festival for Science & Fiction 2019

Derby 2019

Roswell Sci-Fi 2019

Heros 2019

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