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©2017 by Mark Nutkins Cinematographer.

   "What People Say"

Mark Nutkins is no “point and shoot” cinematographer. He has a vivid understanding and passion for storytelling. He enjoys finding the intricacies that make a script and subsequently a visual, pop. Having worked across various continents and mediums he has the ability to run a large or small crew, whilst getting the best from whoever is working with him. A directors cinematographer. An actors cinematographer. A producers cinematographer. He gets exactly what you want and need with a dash of flair that you never expected. 

James Kermack


Writer/Director   - Hi Lo Joe

Head of Creative development at Featuristic Films  www.featuristicfilms.com

Ty Glaser - Director         Spark

                           Actor              Holby City, Emmerdale

'I was very lucky to work with Mark on the first short film I directed. His presence on the project gave me the unwavering support I needed to get it made - I honestly don't think we could have done it without him! Mark's experience, passion & can-do attitude made me feel that the vision I had for our film could be and would be achieved - and it was! At every turn during the process Mark was by my side, always ready to discuss any challenges and quickly help me find creative solutions to anything I wasn't 100% sure about. He brought a style, grace & beauty to our short that many have commented on. On top of all this very excellent stuff, Mark also seems to have inhuman reserves of energy alongside being a really sound person who is just awesome to have on set! I would work with him again in a heartbeat